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Weekly Edit: Our Favorite Students on Instagram

Hello everyone, happy weekend. This week our editors decided it was time to feature our favorite Instagram students. Below is a list of folks with really amazing Instagram posts this weekend. 1. Nanbya Irene Garba In this very moment I'm 👑 ✨💫 A post shared by Nanbyen Irene Garba💪 (@_queen.naila) on May 8, 2018 at …



All the accolades now belong to Kylie Jenner who is about to make history by becoming the youngest self made female billionaire in the world. The 20 year old currently has a net worth of $900 million, just a $100 million from the billion dollar mark. Hearing that Kylie Jenner made the Forbes list for …

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Why building an online presence is very important for your Campus business

Sponsored post by FCMB Building an online presence for your Campus business is a critical activity for today’s entrepreneur. This includes having social media accounts, as well as a website or blog for your business. Here are reasons why a strong online presence will do your Campus business a whole lot good. 1. An easier …

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The Little Things That Build Friendship.

The Little Things That Build Friendship. Friendships/relationships are thing most people have problem with. We have friends we grew up with, laugh with, practically had the best time with. In secondary school you thought you could and would never lose them. As time went on, you guys graduated and went to different schools in different …

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9 Signs You’re Doing Better Than You Think You Are

As a reminder that everything is going to be okay, here are 9 signs you’re doing better than you think you are: You’ve got a roof over your head… Now, you may not have the means to splurge on this season’s hottest bag. But you’re capable of providing, putting food on the table — you’ve …

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Weekly edit: our favorite Instagram inspiration quotes this week

Our editors are here again with another episode of our weekly favorites. This week we chose to go with inspirational quotes, the truth is that we are living in a very difficult time, and faced with different challenges and there’s no better time to search for inspection than when everything is going sideways. Sometimes you …

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