Study Guide

10 Things You Should Never Do Before Exams

Hey friends, Happy new month. Its that time of the year, it’s the exam time, we understand all that you’re going through, and to help you we want to at least show you the things you need to avoid doing during the exam period. so during your exams you may have a gap of two to three days before your next paper and sometimes one day or you may have back to back exams, so you need to know what not to do during that time.

  • Avoid social media

You must try as much as possible to fight the urge of using your phone. It’s an addiction that will take away most of your time. You may want to stay connected to your class group chat to receive information, but it’s risky because someone may send you a message and you start chatting and without realizing it you get distracted, and lose concentration on your study.

  • Do not compare your preparation with others

Do not ask the most common question question friends ask each other during exam preparation “How much have you finished studying?” The reason is simple, let’s assume your friend has finished studying five chapters and you have finished two chapters, and that moment tension sets in and you start getting negative thoughts in your head about low grades and then you start rushing to catch up with your friend, compromising on the quality of studies. And suppose your friend has studied less chapters than you, you may get relaxed and slow down on your preparation.

  • Do not try a new book at the last minute

Sometimes when talking with your friends they tell you about new books they are referencing to, and if it’s different from the ones you use, you may get tensed and go ahead to buy those book or materials which is a very risky thing to do at the last minute, all you need to do is to cover the course outline given by the lecturers, so stick to your materials and don’t introduce new ones at the last minute.

  • Avoid procrastination

Never procrastinate, if you have 3 days to study for any exam, then divide the chapters by the number of hours you want to spend on reading and do not postpone your study or you will end up pilling up a lot to read at the last moment, which will make you tensed.

  • Do not copy anyone’s strategy

Do not get influenced by the strategies and plans that your friends use in their preparation, you are unique, and so you need to use a plan that suits you. Don’t try to copy your friend’s study plan, stick to your own plan.

  • Do not change your personal study timetable

Try not to change your study timetable at the last minute, if you have to study for five hours in the day then study that long.

  • Avoid introducing less relevant topics at the last minute

If you have left any topic as option, don’t try to study it few hours to exams, spend more time revising what you have already studied rather than studying things for the first time.

  • Don’t just read, practice

Practicing is the best way for revision try as much as possible to attempt questions. This method is very effective for revision.

  • Do not eat unhealthy food

It is very important for you to watch what you eat before exams. Unhealthy food may make you sick at the wrong time. Also eating heavy food can make you sleepy, so keep your meals light and eat vegetables and fruits. Also try as much as possible not to get hurt during this period, so avoid outdoor activities as much as you can.

  • Do not oversleep

Always get enough sleep before your exam, but that does not mean you should sleep more, so avoid oversleeping. A sound sleep for six hours is enough.

Lastly remember to have confidence in yourself. Exams do not judge how intelligent or smart you are, so do not stress yourself, study, and believe in yourself. All the best.