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Diary of A Celebrity Wife: Being A Celebrity Wife is Not The Same As Marrying A Regular Guy

Diary of A Celebrity Wife

Being a celebrity wife seems glamorous, it is exciting and sometimes you feel untouchable. Reading comments concerning Kevin Hart’s scandal drove me to write this article and I hope people get to understand us more and not judge. This platform seems to be the right fit.

When I met my husband, I was in awe of him, even though he wasn’t as famous as he is now, he was still famous. He intently pursued me and though I was impressed, I was also worried about heartbreak and the issues of dating a celebrity. He didn’t back down and gradually I saw him as a real human rather than someone who was worshipped by many.

During our courtship, he was the sweetest ever and I was extremely happy with him. He ignored women and had eyes only for me. When we travelled together, he introduced me to everyone and I would notice him look out for me even when he was working. My heart was his but for a long time I refused to have sex with him because I had to hold on to something incase I got heartbroken

Did he cheat while we were dating? I never caught him but there were insinuations in the blogs. It would cause a huge fight when I confronted him because he wondered why I would believe blogs over our own real life experience. There was never any evidence so I let things go

Gradually I began to relax. This man really does love me, he would sometimes decline going anywhere else after he was done with work because I was uncomfortable with how women threw themselves at him plus I wasn’t really a party girl. He loved me first but I fell for him harder and when we got married, I may have had some delusions as to what a marriage based on real love should look like. There are women sending nudes, popular and rich women rubbing themselves off on him even when we’re together. Letters and naked pictures have been sent to the house. His private emails are filled with lewd contents that I and him have stopped opening. I am only one person, how many of them can I fend off especially now that we are married with kids who can’t jump around the world with us.

I can’t go out to work with him anymore. I cannot fend off girls and I’m not physically there to caution him. Earlier in the marriage, I’d call girls back who send him text messages. I’d warn them off to leave my husband alone. He didn’t mind, in fact, he seemed to leave that to me. I thought it was okay because this made me realize if he can leave his phone with me and allow me do all that, then he is not cheating

He is actually cheating.

I found this out when I went to surprise him at work one time. I got to his hotel but they still had to call him that I was downstairs. On my way to his room, I saw a girl rush towards me, I took a good look at her because my gut told me she was coming out of my husband’s room. When I got to his room, he took some time to answer the door. My heart sank, I’ve had my suspicions but this time I really knew and it made me extremely sad. When he finally opened the door, he had just gotten out of the shower, but I could still smell sex in the room. I started crying, because I had dreaded this, I fought against it but I felt so powerless now.

He didn’t deny it, he just apologized…a lot and for days. He asked me if he had ever treated me badly, if I had ever felt unloved by him, if he ever slept out when he is in the same state as me. The answer to those questions are “NO”. He begged me to see him as a man with faults who would sometimes misbehave but he will never be irresponsible. I wondered “what does that even mean?”. I was worried about baby mama but what about diseases? He assured me he would be careful.

I had to ask the question I already knew the answer to: “Is this a thing I should get used to? Does this happen often?”. He said “Please never bother yourself with such thoughts. I am your husband, I love you dearly, I am really careful and if you hadn’t surprised me today, you would never have found out. Ever!”

I have my answer.

So here I am. In love and married to a man who I haven’t caught cheating since that one time but I know he is cheating. A man who puts us (his kids and I) first. Who flaunts us without care everywhere. He buys assets in my name and includes me in his business decisions.

I was forced to ask myself: Really, how much temptation can a mere mortal take? He is only human

The life that we live is far removed from regular women whose husbands are not known and lusted after by millions of women. As a Celebrity wife -I’ll speak for myself- I’m not delusional or greedy. It’s just that this man is doing his best and not lacking anywhere else. How do you leave such a man?

If today my husband was caught in Kevin Hart’s position, I’d stay with him still. He and I know what he’ll do that will make me leave him. This is not an easy decision to make or the best situation to be in but cut us some slack. We chose the life we now live, let’s live it in the best way we can without judging and insisting a celebrity wife leaves her cheating husband.

Life is never black and white and I really hope people understand that.

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  2. I don’t even understand how I ended up here, however I believed this submit was once
    great. I don’t realize who you might be but definitely you’re going to a famous blogger in case
    you are not already. Cheers!

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