Answers to received questions from my mail

So for the past couple of weeks now i have been getting all kinds of mail messages from different people, some which includes questions, and I think I should share some of these questions and the answers I gave for them. As a matter of fact I’ll be creating a questions and answers section from our forum discussions, and then publish the questions with their answers.

 So here are two questions I chose to publish with their answers.

Q. What are your habits as a thinker?

Ans. I chose to publish this one because I think the person who asked the question knows me personally, I don’t think I have ever mentioned that I’m a philosopher on any of my posts. I’ll still try and find out who this person is. 

As “a thinker”, which I have interpreted as “a philosopher”, I don’t joke with my quiet time. My quiet time is both the moment I commune with God (Yes I am a serious Christian) and also a moment for self reflection, during my quiet time I always luck up my room and switch my phone to ‘do not disturb’ mode. 

I always carry my diary to every meeting or program that I attend. I always do this because ideas and inspirations can come at any place and anytime, so I won’t want to forget those ideas, so I put them down 

As a thinker i always try to listen closely especially when people are making arguments. This also helps me to analyze the situation critically and logically.

Q. Can hypnosis be used to control other people’s actions

Ans. I think this is coming from the post I made last week on how to use self hypnosis for self improvement. And the answer to that question is No and Yes. No in the sense that you can’t use hypnosis to control someone with a sound mind, and make that person do things they aren’t willing to do on their own. And yes because people with low self will can actually be influenced through conditioning and implanted commands. For instance if someone wakes up in the morning and the time is 6am, and he reads the news and Sees “man shot 6 times” and when in school the teacher gives an assignment from page 6, and a couple of other things attached to the number 6, there is a tendency that when that individual is asked to pick a random number, he will pick the number 6 because his mind has been conditioned subconsciously. And also if someone is confused or in a state of dilemma, his choices can also be influenced by implanted commands.

Thanks for reading, I hope to get more questions from you.