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See made in Nigeria car with local raw materials in Imo state (photos)

A Facebook user identified as Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha showed off the beautiful pictures of the strong machine made in Nigeria by a Biafran  auto engineer on his Facebook account. Iwuoha showed off the beautiful pictures of the strong machine built by an Imo state indigene who used locally available materials in the state. The poster …

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The Portuguese attacker is accused of defrauding the Spanish authorities out of almost €15 million, but the capital club insist he has obeyed the law Real Madrid have expressed “full confidence” in Cristiano Ronaldo after their star forward was accused of tax fraud by the Spanish authorities. On Tuesday, prosecutors in Madrid filed a complaint …

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Shocking!!! How texting is ruining your body

Here is something we’re doing to mess up our own lives:texting. And no, we’re not talking about that risky text you maybe regret sending. It turns outthat craning our neck for multiple hours a day isn’t exactly good for us. Wow, who would’ve thunk?”Text neck” is a sweeping epidemic that could possibly wreck your spine.As …

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​“Being A Virgin at 35 is Hard But I’m Worth The Wait”- ALICIA SMITH

I’ll be honest with you. One of the reasons why I’m still a virgin is because I know once I start, it’s going to happen constantly. I want it to be with one person because personally I don’t want to be with multiple people, but I know if I had started, that would be the …