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Campus Tour UNN :Tour 2 Faculties contd.

Faculty of Arts The Faculty of Arts is one of the first four foundation faculties of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka which commenced academic activities in 1960 with six departments. Two of these – English and History – became the core departments of the Faculty of Arts when the institution grouped its academic units into …

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Campus Tour UNN: Tour 2 – Faculties

As we mentioned previously in tour one, the University has at present 14 faculties with 88 Departments, some of which we might not be able to showcase, but let’s start with this unique faculty. The Faculty of pharmaceutical Sciences Faculty of Pharmaceutical sciences started as a Department in the Faculty of Science in 1967. Due to the …

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Campus Tour UNN: Tour 1- The University of Nigeria

THE UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA In keeping with the essential purposes of all greater Universities since the dawn of man’s struggle toward universal human dignity, the objectives of the University of Nigeria are: To seek truth To teach truth To preserve truth These were legislated for the institution by the Eastern Nigeria House of Assembly on …