Classy Chic! Shiona Turini Is Definitely The Queen Of Crop Tops

Not everyone can successfully pull off wearing a crop top, but
Shiona Turini has shown time and time again, that she has this under her belly, sorry, under her style control. Shiona was born and raised in Bermuda and has been a style connoisseur even before she came into the spotlight. The fashion editor, stylist, costume designer and fashion consultant who has always had a flair for style, didn’t pursue fashion as a career until after college. Since she did, she’s gone on to style the likes of Beyoncé Knowles Carter, yes, Queen Bey , and Solange Knowles.

Shiona has shown with her style that she can make any fashion trend feel fresh, unique, and attainable. Having described her style as “playfully tailored,” she sure knows how to balance structure and sophistication and still end it all with a sexy crop-line.

We especially love that Shiona understands what works for her body and is proof that personal style signatures (like a crop top), can be a year-round staple if you know how to style it appropriately.

Shiona also proves that you can never have enough crop tops! However, since crop tops are so form-fitting, she usually pairs them with a looser skirt or a pair of loose pants, to avoid coming off as less than classy. Also, this way, it never distracts from her trendy heels, colourful jackets, or patterned skirts. So, if you are looking for inspiration on how to pull off that crop top that’s been hanging in your wardrobe for ages, or how to style that plain crop top for a lazy day vibe, Shiona Turini has got you covered!

Check out Shiona Turini winning in her crop top game!