Few ways to make money while in school

There are many possibilities to make money as a college student. 

If you are a student looking for ways to make money, you can use one of these methods.

1. Photography and organizing social events
This job is suitable for people that are very social and not the shy ones.

Photography and social events go side by side. You can plan events like

Social weeks

Fellowship days


Room, department and faculty weeks etc

So far you are in a tertiary institution settings like a university or polytechnic your opportunities are endless.

For example female students love photo-shoots with passion,male students on the other hand love throwing parties.

You can meet with them and Let them know you can do the job.

2. Computer Jobs: Repair etc

This is another good way of making money with your computer skills.

Instead of using your computer to play games and watching movie while not use it for something productive such as

Installation of computer software and games.

Typing, scanning and photocopying jobs.

Online application for new and old students

Repairing of electronic gadgets.

General internet solutions.

We are in the IT age, so getting customers wont be a problem for you.

3.Buy and Sell:

While in school, you can involve yourself in buying and selling business.Study your school environment And check out whats trending .

There are many products you can invest in, ranging from fashion; cloths, shoes, weavon, stationery and more.

You can make serious amount of money from buying and selling businiess especially if you do it well.

You will make money especially from freshers(100 level) who know little about business.You can start by buying clothes and other fashion wares at a cheap rate and reselling it at a price that will make you gain alot.

4.Mini-importation business

The mini importation business is one easy way to get you out of your financial troubles. It’s a very profitable way to make money online and offline in Nigeria as an undergraduate irrespective of the institution you find yourself in.

The main idea is to import goods that catch students eyes or attention, it doesn’t make your sex, both male and female can go into this business as far you have something that people likes and want to buy

You can import the following items and they will thrive well in any Nigerian campus:

Phone pouch and cases with USB cords.

Human hair.

Tablet phones.

Wristwatches, bangles, chains, anklet and customized wristbands.

Modems and card readers.

Flash and memory card.

Solar chargers.

Sandals and shoes.

Clothes and underwear and lots more

Important Note-”

There is no joy like making money legally,as you have no cockroach under your bed,you can move freely anyhow you want without fear.Never forget your major purpose in school,which is to get a degree.In whatever you do ,do it well and legal.Making Money legally is time consuming that’s just the not so happy story,but still be calm, friends as what you discover in university can take you places even after your university education.