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Hilltop in Crisis: Are we safe? Students lament

The streets of Hilltop has been under tension since Thursday last week when a group of bandits attacked shop owners and students living in Hilltop.

In recent years there has been reports of cultism and stealing in the streets of Hilltop, which begs the question, could this bizarre incident have been prevented?

An eyewitness claims the whole event began on Thursday 25th at about 8:30 PM when he saw a suspect beat up a student and forced him to drop his phone inside a big brown bag. People around the area who noticed what was going on alerted some of shop owners and everyone took to their heels, some leaving their shop open in other to save their lives.

According to our source, this continued till 11pm that Thursday.

While the inhabitants of Hilltop were still nursing their wounds, these evil men attacked again the next day, and this time more brutal than the previous attack.

An eyewitness told us that when he was returning from St peters church back to his lodge at about 8:00 pm, he noticed people running down from Hilltop gate screaming and panicking, he decided to join the race when he heard about two gunshots. This continued the 1am the next day. A report tells us that about two people were shot,many injured but no death was recorded.

One of the victims was a second year student of Archeology and Tourism who is currently receiving treatment at UNTH. The student was asleep when these evil men broke into his room, and being frightened and confused from the ordeal, was asked to surrender his phone and other valuables, and without giving any chance to comply they shot him on his neck and chased him out of his lodge.

A similar event took place at Odenigwe that same week where people who were charging phones at a shop were rubbed at gun point.

These and many other horrible experiences these past nights would lead one to ask, Who are these evil men? Are they students? Is it still safe to live at Hilltop? And How can the university administration protect the students from insecurity?

Meanwhile the Chief security advisor has informed all inhabitants of Hilltop to stay indoors from 10:00 PM everyday for safety reasons. Inspite of all, we hope these men are brought to Justice and pray for a safer environment for UNN students.

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