How best to spend your free time without wasting it as a student?

As a Student your duty is to excel in academics,be absolutely ruthless to achieve in your examinations. Human mind exhausts often and it is important to rejuvenate it time and then. Try to develop a hobby and follow that hobby whenever you feel boredom on studies.
If you are a person who has not read any books then it should be your 1st hobby,trust me reading books is vital to develop your cognitive intelligence.
If you are a person who has not written an article or essay in your entire life then it should be your 2nd hobby,articulation is very tough but practice makes a man perfect.
If you are a person who shivers while speaking in front of 100 people then it must be your 3rd hobby,once you experience public speaking then you will become a silent listener when others speak because you know the hardships.
The above highlighted words are very important in life and you will not get time post-student life.Therefore, spend your free time on those works.