Life Must Always Continue

The other day, a friend and I were just reminiscing about life and how sometimes things literally going well. We also talked about how things can also go wrong in the twinkle of an eye. There are times when everything about your life feels wrong at the same time. The feeling you get when the gods are angry with you.
How on some days it feels like the odds are against you and on some other days it feels like all things are working in your favour.

The decision you have to make and come to terms with even though you are unsure of what might come out of it. Here are instances: The Adana Ship! This story is pretty much like the regular real love. Boy meets girl, boy falls in love, boy shoots his shot and as the Enyeama (goalkeeper) that she is, she catches his shot.

They become deep and fall in love, plan a future together and name imaginary kids. Then one day, they are on their regular bonding cruise and somehow have the “genotype” conversation which revealed that they are both AS.

They painfully try to stop dating but at last decide that they can’t stand being apart, so they press play on the relationship and allow the future to take care of itself.

Then somewhere else, there is another couple who think fate brought them together, because the circumstances in which they met had the hand of fate. They decide to give this “love” thing a try, invest time and effort into making “them” work.

One day, they decide to go for a genotype test and somehow like the previous relationship, discover that they are not compatible. These two put an end to the relationship. They are trying to save themselves from painful episodes and their unborn kids from suffering.

They call themselves once in a while, they still love each other but with faint smiles on their faces, they know they can’t have more than this.

Or let me tell you the story of a young man with his dreams and aspirations. After some months of being unemployed life finally gifts him with an employment that he has no experience in, This job pays well so he takes the offer and manages each day doing what he really doesn’t feel because of Money.

A few months later, a job opening in the industry of his dreams comes up, he applies and get called for an interview/test. He was impressive but his lack of work experience in the industry becomes a constraint. The company needs an experienced hire. The hiring manager however see potential in him and offers him an internship position, This would pay less than his current job.

Conflicted between gaining experience in the industry of his dreams or earning more, he has to make a decision and hope that it all works out…….LIFE! DECISIONS!

John Lennon says that “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans”. This moment you are thinking I would be a great Developer, the next moment you are settling for another job because “the economy is hard” “There are no jobs” “You need to make money”.

But you keep moving, a bad relationship, situations that can’t be helped, happy moments, whatever it is, Life must always continue. Don’t stop living and pushing.

Whatever and however it is, just do what makes you happy, keep calm and carry on.

Last Last everything would make sense and life would eventually balance itself as long as you keeping living!.