Movie review!! ​The space between us.

A movie by peter chelsom that tells the story of two individuals born on different worlds…. A boy(Mars) and a girl(Earth)…. Who falls for each other but are far from each other.

The boy longing to come to earth takes a dangerous trip that could cause a fatal fate to him and his health.

Feelings of euphoria overwhelms him as he experiences a brave, colourful and beautiful new world.

Lacking the basic human interaction process, peter chelsom was able to craft his experiences on earth in a some worth comedic feature which i found fun and cool.

Unaware of the dangers his body faces…. Our hero seeks out our heroine that shifts the movies tone from that of a sci-fi like to that of a comedic tone.

With the tragedy that befalls his mom at birth he wishes to find out who his father is. Together our love birds try to seek out for this man… Along the way we see a growth in deir feelings for each other with an amazing chemistry coupled with an amazing soundtrack.

They both share moments that would make any “Romantic” want to fall in love. Feelings of euphoria cloud the moments.

By the time our heros reach their destination, the hero(boy) conditions worsen.

The movie climaxes at point where our love birds are separated. To save his life, he is taken out of earths atmosphere, in between earth  and mars. In a heart breaking moment both say their good byes as they both return to their worlds.

Separated by two worlds… Its only fitting that our heros meet again half way from their respective worlds.

Peter chelsom has crafted an excellent “Romantic” with as much meaning embedded in it as seen in the works of a visionary director “Zack synder”. Although the notion of a distant relationship could work seems a bit unrealistic and delusional.

I end with this…. Our heros meet and share their feelings in the space between them.

I recommend this movie for anyone who enjoys a good *Love story*.


Reviewed by *#His Excellency Dex manie*