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Movie Review: Acrimony: A Woman Scorned Must Never Blow Her Second Chance At Happiness

In ACRIMONY, Melinda (Taraji P. Henson) is on the receiving end of a restraining order filed by her ex-husband, Robert (Lyriq Bent). The court orders her into therapy, and her story unfolds in flashback. She meets Robert in college, and they quickly fall in love and marry; Melinda uses money from her mother’s life insurance to finance his dream project, a self-charging battery. Years go by, and Melinda continues to support Robert, with no hope on the horizon. Their marriage disintegrates, partly due to the re-emergence of Diana (Crystle Stewart), a former flame of Robert’s. After Melinda and Robert’s divorce, Diana helps him sell his idea, and they become wealthy. But despite Robert paying Melinda $10m and buying back her mother’s house, she still believes that her life has been stolen from her — and only revenge can quench her ferocious rage.

I had fun hearing different perspectives from people about this movie but this is what I’ve always preached, don’t turn into an angry person because you can’t have the man you want. I really do not like how the black woman was portrayed like she’s always angry and would rather destroy what she cannot have. The movie is also real in the sense that women sometimes sacrifice too much and end up blaming the recipient when they end up with less than expected. I cannot deny the fact that Robert was a parasite, he didn’t care if Mel was working endlessly to keep them, he just wanted to survive, while he worked on his dream. For 18 years, Melinda kept supporting her home and losing herself and her youth in the process

Melinda went too far in trying to get Robert back, which to me was very unnecessary. Definitely, movies like this should be made, that when it comes to obsession and betrayal, both parties never walk away unscathed… As adults, we make our own decisions, we are well capable of moving on and finding our happiness but the moment we assume our happiness is hinged on someone or getting married to someone, it is only downhill from there

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with going after a man you want but if he doesn’t want you, move on. We must also take responsibilities for our actions as I’ve seen and heard ladies blame Robert for Melissa’s tragedy. I do not like Robert but Melinda was a woman scorned who didn’t take the second chance she was given but chose to go back to the past and deny everyone of what could have been. The ultimate revenge at Robert would have been to live her best life but she chose rage and revenge over a second chance at happiness.

This movie leaves one feeling awful and hopeless, but I must say, it made me more determined to live my life on my own terms and not tie my happiness to a circumstance or human. That way, moving on will be easier and expecting new opportunities will be my motivation.