Nomination form for Campusxp’s 25 under 25 Creatives Award 2018

We invite you to nominate any student of your choice to win in the campusxp’s 25 under 25 Creatives Awards. This is an award recognizing and celebrating creative students and small businesses including start-ups that are transforming industries that impact so many lives every day in various ways in The University of Nigeria; including businesses owned and managed by students and youths aged 25 and under. Nominations can be done here: Nominate

Eligibility Criteria:

The founder(s) must not be older than the age of 27 as at the time. In the event that the nominee is 27 years old, the company must have been in existence for at least 3 years.

The Individual / founder must be a student of The University of Nigeria.

The Individual / company must be contributing to social economic development of Nigeria.

The line of business must be ethical and in accordance to the Nigerian laws.

*Voting begins 10th November 2018