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Weekly edit: our favorite Instagram inspiration quotes this week

Our editors are here again with another episode of our weekly favorites. This week we chose to go with inspirational quotes, the truth is that we are living in a very difficult time, and faced with different challenges and there’s no better time to search for inspection than when everything is going sideways. Sometimes you …

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Diary of A Celebrity Wife: Being A Celebrity Wife is Not The Same As Marrying A Regular Guy

Diary of A Celebrity Wife Being a celebrity wife seems glamorous, it is exciting and sometimes you feel untouchable. Reading comments concerning Kevin Hart’s scandal drove me to write this article and I hope people get to understand us more and not judge. This platform seems to be the right fit. When I met my …

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The Effects of Social Media on the Average Nigerian Youth

Social media platforms have become prominent parts of life for many youths today. Parents allow their children engage in social media without thinking of the effects of social media on the average Nigerian youth. Everyone just wants to post pictures/comments to gain hundred or thousands of likes. Most youths see pictures of celebrities and try …

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Weekly Edit: Our Favorite Instagram Models This Week

Last week we started a new trend at Campusxp, the weekly edit of our favorite trends throughout the week, to be featured every weekend. This week we are reveling our favorite Instagram models, these models are recognized by Campusxp magazine for being exceptional on Instagram this week. 1. Precious John View this post on Instagram …

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