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Reading out loud to yourself could help you remember faster

scientists recorded 75 students saying 160 words aloud. Two weeks later, they studied 80 of these words in a variety of ways: hearing their own recording of the words, hearing a recording of someone else say them, reading them silently, reading aloud to themselves. To make sure the order wasn’t important, various students used the …

Lifestyle, Science digest

Weird Brain Exercises That Could Help You Get Smarter

Giving your brain new experiences that combine physical senses—vision, smell, touch, taste, and hearing—with emotional “sense” stimulates more connections between different brain areas, causes nerve cells to produce natural brain nutrients that dramatically help memory, and makes surrounding cells stronger and more resistant to the effects of aging. Try these brain exercises during your morning …

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Science digest: Ten science facts you will find interesting

Science is the back bone of our modern society, everything that exists in the realistic world can be proved scientifically. And most people believe that anything that can’t be verified scientifically or that exists outside experience is not a valid fact.  Here are some science facts you are definitely going to enjoy. ​Did you know …

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