See h​ilarious tweets in this respect which only Nigerians or those who schooled in Nigeria can relate to.

From experiences in secondary schools to university days, from private schools to federal schools, wicked teachers and lecturers to nice ones, check out some of the hilarious tweets we found.
1. That angry face you make when one I too know student in the class reminds the teacher to give the class an assignment. Trust me, it’s never a good feeling.

2. That happy feeling one gets when the maths teacher tells you to go out of his/her class for making sense. Hello sir/ma, being in this class was never my thing.

3. You know how fast your adrenaline pumps when you’re about stepping into the class and you see your teacher flogging the rest of the class. Awesome!

4. The risk we take in exam halls, after all, we have to pass our exams.

5. When you realize that purchasing a particular lecturer’s textbook is prerequisite to passing the course.

6. When your number one enemy makes the noise maker’s list…The happiest feeling ever
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