See why Nigerians say sorry before asking a question

A guy asks a question on social media about why Nigerians say sorry before asking you a question or requesting for something.

Of course, he got an epic reply from a guy who says “everybody is angry in this country fam, you just have to apologise for their default anger before you make your inquiries.”

Aparently, it isn’t only a Nigerian thing. Some people claim it is done in Ghana and even South Africa. Maybe, it’s just a typical African thing.

Come to think of it, considering that we are respectful and polite set of people, maybe it’s just our own way of being polite to the other party. Who else thinks this is the case?

Our culture probably jut wired us to be that way. I mean, it started with the older uneducated generation. When an old woman wants your help with something, she’s like ‘abeg my pickin, wetin be time?’ The same way a yoruba woman will start her request with an apology, an igbo woman will do same as well. They kept on passing it from generation to generation, from the uneducated to the educated till it finally became a norm in the society.

So yeah, I guess you can say it’s a default mentality, either due to anger or for respect sake, it’s still a default setting.