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The Little Things That Build Friendship.

The Little Things That Build Friendship.

Friendships/relationships are thing most people have problem with. We have friends we grew up with, laugh with, practically had the best time with. In secondary school you thought you could and would never lose them. As time went on, you guys graduated and went to different schools in different countries. Some people have the habit of keeping long lasting friendships while some other people move from one friendship to another.

Friendship has its good and bad times, it is left for you to choose either the good part or the bad part. We ask ourselves sometimes, how come one relationship lasts and the other doesn’t? What is the difference in the friendship? Well, it is all based on your personality and your attitude towards them.

So here are some tips on how to have lasting friendships!

1. COMMUNICATION: This involves two or more people. It doesn’t just mean being able to text or call someone. This mean being able to communicate your feelings to one another and being able to relate with others when communicating their feeling. This involves listening and by listening I don’t just mean nodding your head when someone is talking to you. You should be able to give out a piece of advice when needed. Do not let one person continue to do the talking. That’s not a healthy way to handle a relationship. You can’t be too busy for the people you care about. Make out time to check up on them!

2. HONESTY: To have any standing relationship you have to be honest! Honesty doesn’t kill. A good friend is someone who tells you what they really feel even if it is hard to hear. So having a good friend is one of the best things in life because you have someone to tell you the truth whenever you need it.

3. Everyone wants to have that one friend that they can tell dirty secrets to and won’t feel judged. The beauty of friendship is that you can be your true self around the person. If you can’t be your true self around someone that means the person is not your friend. Do not judge your friend about something, instead tell them the truth, don’t make them uncomfortable when they tell you something.

4. AFFECTION: In a relationship, you have to let other people know you care about them. Do things that show you care about them. During holidays, send them cards and gifts or better still visit them when you have the time. Showing affections to someone really goes a long way in their lives .

5. LOYALTY: Loyalty is hard to find nowadays. Being loyal to a friend is what everybody needs to do to maintain friendships. This means friends shouldn’t talk bad about each other behind their backs instead stand up for when someone is talking bad about him or her.

There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship. Some people arrive and make so much beautiful impacts in your life that you can hardly live without them. So once you get someone like that, treasure.