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The Untold Story of the UNN Sug Elections Delay.

The second semester is coming to a close and UNN students are yet to have a new student Union government. The UNN Sug elections, which was meant to hold six weeks into the resumption of first still yet to be conducted as the semester is coming to an end.

The student Union government popularly known as the Sug, is the highest ranking office of the Student body.

The duties of the SUG usually include working with students to resolve problems, informing school administration of ideas emanating from the student body, and managing the student government in the capacity of Chief Executive Officer.

The office holder typically serves one school year in most schools, but some may serve more than one term. The Student Union Government Officials, are generally elected by a general election of the student body at-large.

In democratic student government, the Vice President generally succeeds to the position of President if the incumbent is unable to discharge his/her duties permanently, resigns, or is impeached by a student council or Senate.

Meanwhile, The university of Nigeria is yet to conduct an election for the student Union, and the students and aspirants, are generally worried as the semester is coming to an end, and there is still no information on the way forward.

Last week we spoke with some of the aspirants who showed concern about the delay, and expressed their opinions on the issue.
Nwafor Gedion, Ugwuanyi Leonard, Ugwu Elijah, Nweke Ugochukwu Thankgod, and some others made some comments in an interview regarding the delay.

Nwafor Gedion said that the administration has not given any reason publicly for not conducting the elections, and this would imply that there would not be an election for the 2018/2019 candidates. He made the following comments;

I advocate and pray for the election to hold. It is pretty necessary. Let no one write us off in history making and record. Unless on a background where the University administration don’t want the union for a cogent reason. Then it will be on record.

According to Ugwuanyi Leonard, the school claims to lack the funds to conduct the elections.
Leaving the previous government in power.

He made the following remarks;

If an SUG isn’t elected till the end of the semester, the current third year students would be in final and constitutionally unqualified to contest. That is to say that the 2016/2017 set of lions and lioness have unfairly lost their opportunity to play their part in the student union government. It would then mean that the school would be without a union until a new one is elected in February or March.

I’d like to say that the students have reposed great trust in the school administration and expects them to do what is right and timely too. These trust is evident in the calm which has remained in school despite this apparent anomally. A lot of candidates have been left in sincerely very uncomfortable positions after months of preparations and expectations. It would amount to serious injustice if the 2016/2017 set is thus disenfranchised

Nweke Ugochukwu Thankgod, claims that the school admin and students, were in a debate about using e-voting or manual voting.

I would like to ask the admin to do the right thing. The students are waiting to elect a leader for themselves and by themselves. Even if the tenure lasts 2 months, the students are not complaining. We are pleading for the right thing to be done and done fast enough.

Ugwu Elijah, told us that the administration is saying that every thing is on hold.

The SUG hasn’t handed over or resigned to the best of my knowledge so they are still in charge.
I can’t tell what will happen if an election isn’t conducted before the end of the semester. But this won’t be the first time UNN went without an SUG.
My opinion about this is very simple. The school administration should take a stand because we can’t tell if the are standing in front, back or edge of the coin.

The message below shows comments made by Senator Humphrey Nwoye, which circulated on WhatsApp few weeks ago.

The administration, and all those responsible for conducting the elections should act immediately, or at least take a stand and inform the students of their decision.

This is the grassroots of our democracy, and whatever decisions are made here, shows our youths what to expect at the Federal government level, and affects their mindset. So the question is, what example is UNN setting for her Students as regards to polictics?