Why average students become successful

I believe students are considered average as per the marks they get. And average students or below average students get low marks not because they are stupid, but because they study less. They somehow believe they are intelligent enough to pass without actually studying hard. Now once the text book life ends and reality starts they become successful because they are intelligent . Also they have a separate urge to succeed because all these years in school and college they have done nothing..

The following are 10 reasons why average students become successful-

1.They will and have always questioned the validity of educational system.
They see both the good and bad come from it and are more aware of the fact that there are several different modalities outside the recognized system to learn from. They see academia as only one approach to learning and hence automatically challenge the status quo.

2.They don’t blindly follow the rules or ideology
The average student thinks for themselves and doesn’t walk any lines before thoroughly evaluating it. They come up with their own agendas, rather than having someone else tell them what to do.

3.They don’t try to impress their superiors perpetually
The average student love and respect their teachers, but don’t spend their energies trying to impress them. They don’t hold their teachers responsible for their success or failures, and neither do they depend heavily on references or resumes.

4.They have more important things to worry about
The average student is more obsessed about their future than their grades and hence is more strategic about how they spend their time. While their classmates are investing most of their energy into getting better grades, they are already pursuing or setting up to pursue their dreams, instead of waiting for school to finish before they can begin to manifest them.

5.They define their own success
The average student finds success through internal gratification and not necessarily through external appeasement, such as through good grades. They know that no amount of external success can compare to their own self-awareness and acceptance.They take pride in knowing themselves, rather than vying for the opinions of the masses. They define their own path to success.

6.They’re good at leveraging other people’s abilities
Instead of trying to do it all by themselves, like their academically sound counterparts, the average student tries to arm themselves with talent around them who can compensate for their s weakness.They aren’t afraid to admit that they don’t know it all and prefer not to clutter their mind with unnecessary thought.

7. They prefer setting the direction of their own self-learning
The average student prefers setting their own course of self-learning, instead of being told how to learn or think. They prefer to explore and figure out what they are naturally drawn towards. Instead of forcing things onto themselves, they tend to follow their passions.

8.They are not succours for perfectionism
The average student focuses on completing a task rather than striving for perfectionism. They realize that perfectionism often leads to procrastination and prefer jumping into whatever they set out to do, learning from their mistakes.Several successful entrepreneurs fail or struggle in school and understand that their failure has only taught them more.

9.They don’t spend their energy thoughtlessly
An average student understands that their goal is to learn and invest time into things that don’t waste their energy and time. They don’t often put more energy than what is required. When they do, they are usually efficient, effective, and focused in their approach.

10.They are born daydreamers
While an academic overachievers listen carefully and take notes to be the best prepared for their test, the average student may often spend their time ogling out of the window at the landscape daydreaming about a better world and future. They are more preoccupied thinking about their bigger plans in life and working out the probabilities to get there.

Average in grades doesn’t mean average in life skills, one may have chosen a wrong field or might lack aptitude in a field of study but that doesn’t mean a person is not excellent in some other field.