5 apps every student should have on their smartphone

In this modern era where martphones are out there everywhere and also very affordable, it’s very easy for us to be carried away by the waves of social media, internet and so on. We can also make the most of it as students, and believe me, smartphones is the best thing that happened to students. You can optimize it and get the best out of it for your academics.

These apps below are very helpful to every student, and everyone involved in one voluminous engagement or another


Millions of people use Any.Do to organize their tasks. This application is perfect for students who need to create a to-do list. It also synchronizes all functions with other devices so that the list can be accessed from anywhere. Add new entries to the list with the help of touch-based interface, or use your voice to create tasks.

You can change the priority of your entry, mark a task as completed, or even shake your device to remove all completed tasks from it. The Any.Do widgets can be added to your home screen for quick and easy access.


No college student will be afraid of losing his notes or coursework anymore! Thanks to Dropbox, you have a chance to upload different files (documents, photos, videos) in the cloud and get them online whenever you need, even if you forget your phone at home. The only thing required to access your files is an Internet connection.

Store your files in Dropbox, and share them with friends without any fear of losing meaningful and useful data.


College students always want to know everything and keep their eyes on the ball, but it may be quite challenging to do because of constant deadlines, part-time jobs, overdue essays, exams, etc. is here to help you deal with this problem. This is one of the best RSS aggregators. It lets you consolidate all news into one feed. Just check the story you would like to receive, and get notifications every time something interesting appears. Nothing could be more comfortable, huh?


College students are so easily distracted from the studying process! They can’t live without social networks; they always need to check new photos of their friends on Facebook or share their mood with the world during a lecture. To avoid such distractions, the SelfControl application has been created: it blocks specific websites that can distract you from studying, and it does it for a set amount of time. So, when a lecture is finished, you are welcome to come back to your fave websites again!


How many to-do lists do you have in college? One for essays, another one for exams, the third one for parties… So, why not synchronize them all to get access from anywhere? Choose Clear for this goal, an application which syncs all your to-do lists with other devices and makes it easier for you to open them wherever you can find Internet access.

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