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Being The Other Woman: Letter To My Lover’s Wife

Dear Ma,

I’ll address you that way because I still have the utmost respect for you and your home.

I never expected to be writing this letter, and I am pretty sure you never expected you would ever have to receive a letter from someone like me.

First of all, I would like to apologize, apologize for ruining the trust you have in your husband.

Apologise for almost ruining the relationship that looks so perfect.

Apologise for the way you found out about us.

No amount of apology can be enough, and all that’s left are questions, questions unanswered.

He was my superior at work, I never saw him in that light, it was just supposed to be an innocent chat to check up on him and find out how his exams went, as this was to determine a big promotion. Gosh, he was so witty and free, what was to be a check-up-chat developed into a serious chat.

How could our so stern looking boss be this free? I wondered. So out of curiosity I invited him to my place for drinks, what was to be just a bottle of red wine and few laughs turned to two bottles, plenty laughs and a long conversation. (Oh yes he spoke about you. How he respects you so much, can’t imagine what his life would have been or would be without you…)

I should have taken a cue and walked. He said I reminded him so much of how you used to be before the marriage

I should have turned down the request to party.

I should have been the stronger link.

I should have stopped the second I realized it was more than sex, the second he made me feel valued, the second he made me feel wanted and needed… the feeling was so good, almost intoxicating it took over every ounce of rational thought. Even after I met you, I still couldn’t cut the ties.

I chose to be his mistress.

I chose to be ‘you’ before you got married.

I chose to fulfil his fantasies.

When you had a fight and threatened to leave him, I chose to support him emotionally. Still, I watched him fight for you.

I chose wrong.

I chose wrong because at the end of the day you are still the main wanton. You are the home he has built.

Everyone makes mistake, I am not a bad person, I am not heartless, really I am not. I helped him set up that nice Valentine’s date.

I helped in purchasing that dress, I also sometimes help him do some lingerie shopping for you when I travel abroad.

You hate me, who wouldn’t? Sometimes I wish we could talk, I wish we could sit in a lounge and have a really nice chat, so many things I would like to tell you about him. I think he’s broken, broken from bottled up feelings he can’t express to you for some reasons.

I can’t go back and undo what has happened but I promise to make this stop someday.

Yours sincerely,

The other woman.( Countess)

Written for by Countess C.