My diary


If fantasies were real, my love would definitely  outshine  (titanic) the movie. If it were to be published, am sure it will sell more than Robert kiyosaki’s famous book……..,…..,. Relax please; I only said if… Of course it is not the case that my love story is anything close to titanic, neither is it the case that fantasies were real. 
    This morning, I received a text from Anastasia,,,,,, the long awaited reply, I echoed. Though not surprised, I felt worse this time because she had used the same lines as Kate, Gabriella and Melissa did, Today Anastasia gave me the usual answer,   “Gozie you are a great guy but its a No”. But if I am actually a great personality, why should Anastasia and others turn me down?  Does it mean being a great guy does not  guarantee one a girlfriend? Or is it the case that I am not good enough for anyone? 

   While I choose to believe I have a problem; The famous quote of Bill Cosby continued  to linger in my heart. Maybe the problem is from this ladies….  Maybe Bill is right to have said “women don’t want to hear what you think. Women want to hear what they  think in a deeper voice”. However  the above statements  has few implications….,. (1) I must tell a girl what she wants or thinks  before she loves me. (2) for a any girl to love, you must  have given her what

 she thinks. (3) experience suggest that some guys are at advantage because they know what ladies want  to hear. Following from this,  If Cosby is right,  then being a great guy still does not guarantee you any woman’s heart. But are there no other factors to be considered here, what if Bill  Cosby is wrong?

To put Bill’s claim to test, I will use a case of two guys with different personalities trying to win the heart of the same girl. Thomas is best described as a gentleman, Petrovich on the other hand is a popular player. However instances have showed Petrovich to have an advantage with girls (in the sense that Bill claimed), while Thomas shares a similar fate as me(having good qualities but yet to win a heart)…. 

   I know most of us will want Thomas to win the girl’s heart just like love stories and their happy endings, however real life instances suggest that Petrovich is more likely to win her heart. But the fact that Petrovich is advantaged does not completely rule out the possibility of Thomas winning either. We might go on and on, given the possibility that any of the two can win. But what determines who win? The only plausible  answer  is the girl who is to choose right?. But while she is free to choose any between the two, it is the case that there are factors that determines her choice.

Considering the fact that what a woman wants depends on her and not only your established qualities even if they can play a role, you may be a great personality and yet do not fit in to what she wants. Cosby is right after all,     I do not have a problem. Getting a lady to love you must also involve you fitting into what she wants.  Thus Edgar H Watson was right to have said “No woman ever falls in love with a man unless she has a better opinion of him than he deserves”. So winning a ladies heart does not make you a superman after all, she only has a better opinion of u than yo deserve.

      This is to my brothers out there. Bisi, Amaka, Ijeoma, Ogochukwu, Itoro, etc, may have rejected you guys today not because you have a problem or you guys are not good enough but just that u don’t fit in to what they want.  But since preferences are different, there are beautiful angels out there who will see you as their ideal.

      For those reading this just to see my love story, it is yet to begin, perhaps until I find one who has a better opinion of me than I deserve. 


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