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Weekly edit: our favorite Instagram inspiration quotes this week

Our editors are here again with another episode of our weekly favorites. This week we chose to go with inspirational quotes, the truth is that we are living in a very difficult time, and faced with different challenges and there’s no better time to search for inspection than when everything is going sideways. Sometimes you feel stuck in certain situations and you get really low, believe me that’s the time you need to find inspiration and motivation to keep going. Today I just want you to do something very important, don’t worry so much about your problems, if it’s something you can control,  then take immediate actions, but if you can’t control it, just leave it to God and move on. Life has a way of coming to our rescue especially when our back is against the wall.

Here are our favorite Instagram inspirational pages

1. Build your Empire

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Don’t create your own problem. 🙏

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This post really maps out steps on how to eliminate worry from our mind both when we can and cannot do anything about it.

2. Achieve the Impossible

This post is titled “focus” it stresses the importance of focus in achieving our goals. Difficulties can hinder focus, but you must find a way to stay focused.

3. Helping you succeed 

This post is a guide to success, from making decisions, to plans and then execution.

4. Ask a millionaire

A lot of people don’t realize it, but only we ourselves hold the power to change our lives.

5. 6am success

Most times we get discouraged because we haven’t seen any results, but the truth is that most times the best things take time to happen. Patience and trust in the system is key.

Have a lovely weekend and stay inspired.